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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  September 8, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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starts to matter. be a tough one to swallow but like i said, all i do is be the best teammate possible. >> the nationals back in action against the marlins. like washington was theg to lose going into theom of the night and then rain delayed. the national tied at the bottom night and win it in the tent. -- tenth. nats win 7-6. inouye here in redskins football. iii will have its with an angry safety. but the redskins are ready. seen a lot of jersey's here in st territory. people bringing out the burgundy hearing wille reactivated. his suspension was overturned.
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he will be going after robert rookie was all smiles. so was head coach mike shanahan. details tomorrow. some spreads have the redskins as 9 points underdog but they are over the confident in what they can do. >> she will report tomorrow the game. the football team traveled -- the terrapins almost lead at -- let a halftime lead slip away. yards, maryland wins 36-27. virginia, penn state, this was a good one. state can win it. the 43 yard kick through the opera, it was not even close. -- upright, it was not even
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close. before the half, 14-0. he connects with cory. he gets away from another tackle, touchdown. virginia tech wins, 42-7. a tough match this afternoon. in from 6nt, strolls yards out. 26-0. are happy in baltimore tonight. they beat the yankees 5-4 to get of first place. the final game is tomorrow afternoon. not mincingtrasburg words there.
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>> perdue university is honoring thefirst man to walk on moon, neil armstrong. the will be emblazoned on football team. s mark in indiana as a student back in the 1950's. he played the baritone in the marching band. did you know that? the sticker will appear on his above the american flag. the sticker will appear on his above thethis country was built by working people.
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>> get your sunglasses out for the next several days. temperatures around 80 tomorrow. a great day to go to the old town art fair. [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient.
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they had some -- there is a big team meeting for the 15 bunch this week and brian pattie told me we'll tell folks it's going to ramp up here. not as easy as it has been and we need to get ourselves together for the chase. clint knows he has the speed and he's positive they can win the championship. >> that's half the battle, just thinking you can do it. >> clint bowyer, one win this season on road course in sonoma, california. been very good and won here at richmond in the past. jimmie johnson in third position. has held off truex, jr. for that spot. in an effort to introduce to
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nascar lowe's created build and grow clinics like one in richmond, kids received a discount ticket and chance to ask jimmie johnson questions . d johnson tried to build some momentum. for a sixth championship. would be foolish to count him out. >> look behind him, martin truex has made a presence last two weeks. every time you look up he's going forward. really working on jimmie. >> we all wondered how he would react, his team would react to get their hearts broken in atlanta, had a lead late and jamie mcmurray had a tire go on, brought out the caution and the hamlin pit crew got him in first, didn't get good restart and lost a race in his grasp. >> this is a strong race team
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and organization and they have good leadership there starting with the owner michael waltrip, and get in team meetings and realize let's focus on positive we did. we put ourselves in a position to win. it's going to happen, we just need to keep performing like that. >> truex to third. doc? >> what d.j. was saying, martin truex had a team meeting after atlanta and said you know, what what we could take away from atlanta, we had a great race car, could have won the race. now we know we could win the chase. we got a good race car here, right now moving away for the four spot. >> battle didn't last long, kasey kahne up to fourth. jimmie johnson back to fifth. >> 5 car has been on the move since the green flag flew again. kind of what we saw at the beginning on a green racetrack whenever kasey kahne's car was a bit better, shannon.
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>> that's right, on the first run you were referring to, dale, really turning very well. loose off. they had made adjustment on the first pit stop and really hurt the center of the turn, got really tight. so, a wedge and air pressure adjustment on last pit stop and looks like it's really working. as you said, he's taken off on this restart. >> kahne doing what he needs to. to clinch a place in the chase. running solidly in the top five. he's in fourth position. kyle busch also in position to claimant other wild card position in the chase for the nascar sprint cup. kyle back in 12. >> this car [ bleep ] it was good to start, i don't know what happened. >> aggravating to have a car like this for kyle busch, so good here.
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>> night started with jeff gordon and kyle busch having the best to claim last place in the chase while kyle has been steady if not spectacular, gordon has not been nearly up to the standard he hoped for after starting on the outside of the front row. tony stewart looking to lock up tenth position and final place in the chase where the wins have accumulated would count for bonus points, doing not just a good job tonight, they've been pretty spectacular. >> looks like he'll secure nine points for three wins and stay inside the top ten. >> jeff gordon running right now, the first car one lap down in 20th place, needing to pass regan smith and carl edwards to be in position to get a free pass.
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>> going right back to the same place here guys. loose in, real tight in the center, going -- going away bad. >> 10-4. >> you see those hands on the wheel inside that 24, pretty busy. >> and talking and giving feedback to alan gustafson but that is one of the hardest things to fix, loose in and loose off but tight in the middle situation. >> it is. and really, in my experience, if you fix the middle a lot of that fixes itself. they have not had it tonight. but that's good feedback from jeff. >> carl edwards in front of the group, he's first car one lap down. pitted under green before the caution, rain, took the wave around to take back one of the two he lost. if a caution would come out now he would get on the lead lap.
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his hopes of finding his way into the chase barely alive. >> taking a chance got them a couple laps down, took a wave around and trying to pit early and take a chance and gain tracks position and make it all happen. this car here of david reutimann, our leader, have iin- passing two at a time. >> hamlin, winner of the last two races in nascar sprint cup series. last sunday in atlanta, week before at bristol, tennessee, would make it three straight and five on the season. and head off into the chase for the sprint cup as the number one seed. >> number one seed by six points. is that what would be big. >> and the lessons of lat year where essentially two drivers atonight standings tied in points at the end of the final race and tiebreaker for most wins won it. >> six points would make a
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hijack difference. >> sure. >> and the driver says i'm stronger mentally and better race driver and more prepared to try to win a championship than a couple of years ago whenever he battled jimmie johnson down to homestead but gave up a lead there and eventually lost to jimmie. >> denny hamlin in some pretty heavy lap traffic now. one of those hoping to find a way to win the race and have a shot at a place in the chase. joey logano in the 20e about to go a second lap down. joey has it in 29th place. >> a driver needing to win to have any chance of making the chase but obviously not happening tonight. >> the thing i like about denny here, especially, how disciplined he is about moving around lap traffic. he doesn't lose a lot of time. watch lap times in traffic, doesn't cost him a lot of time to make passes and that makes him so good here. easy to try to rush with the gas
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to make the pass quickly and spin the tires, he is so disciplined. >> there is clint bowyer, 15, running second. martin truex, jr., 56, closing in on him for third. in third. and kasey kahne in the 5 also joining this little fight for second place. >> and truex, jr. made a nice run, since he passed jimmie johnson a number of laps back and just really gained quite a bit on his teammate there, clint bowyer for the second spot. >> spin the tires there off turn four. can't do that very money times. got to take care of those new tires. >> there are second, third and fourth. 15, 6 and 5. look back at jimmie johnson, the 48, runs in fifth position. there is jimmie.
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and behind jimmie now, racing for six the and seventh spot, kevin harvick in the 29 and dale earnhardt, jr. in the 88. >> complained about his car being a lot looser after we went back green here. settled in, lap times look solid but i think junior is waiting so they can make another adjustment. not doing anything crazy with the race car. >> the key moment in the race about to unfold here. when the leader comes to the start/finish line next time by we'll behalf way through this race in one more lap. so, if the rain should close back in and circumstances prevent the race from being run to its full distance then it becomes an official race and that overshadows your thinking
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on the pit box if you're a crew chief. >> problem is you don't know when it will end. moving target. you look at the radar, making guesses. trying to -- don't want a pit that doesn't pay off later in the run knowing might not get to it. kyle busch, even though he's not happy with the race car he's in 12th but if this possible rain approaches we're past halfway, there is a driver on lead lap, ryan newman, if the rain comes at the right time for him, wrong time for someone else things change once again. >> kasey kahne on the move. saw that 56 spin the tires a couple times. taking its toll on the rear tires. as you said once that starts it's hard, you want to keep going but once you start getting heat in the right rear and air pressure builds, hard to cool it
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down without backing off and saving it for a bit. >> bowyer struggling in the lap cars. >> looks much better. run the bottom. >> i'm trying. i'm asking for some damn help and you're not talking. >> apparently clint may be wanting some information as as far as maybe lap times and things like that as to what he's doing, maybe how his rotors are looking and he's not getting that from his crew chief. >> his intensity level is hard right now. he's driving hard. >> we're past halfway at richmond. denny hamlin still the race leader. still a lot of racing to go. see how it all plays out. this shared data plan...fairly.


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